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CIVIL TRAFFIC                              

When you receive a civil traffic violation you have three options:

1.    Attend traffic school

2.    Plead not responsible and request a hearing

3.    Plead responsible and pay your fine.


If you choose to attend traffic school and are eligible you do not need to make a court appearance if you attend before your court date.  If you have problems getting into a class because of your location or class scheduling you can attend classes on line or your can contact the court for an extension.

You can register over the phone or online.  You can call the 800 numbers in your brochure under option 1 or find schools listed at: www.azcourts.gov/drive school info


Along with your traffic ticket you should have received a brochure.  Inside that brochure you should have an area listed as Option 2, where you can fill in the information and request a hearing.  If you did not receive a brochure then you can send a request by mail or by appearing on your scheduled court date.

Upon the receiving of your request you and the officer will be sent an order with the new appearance date.

You have the right to hire an attorney, however, you need to notify the court so that your hearing can be scheduled on the proper date.

If you request a hearing you will be giving up your right to attend traffic school.

You may post a deposit in the amount of the civil fine to ensure your license in not suspended should you fail to appear at the hearing.
 Civil Traffic Appeal Guide
Criminal Appeal Guide


If you choose to plea responsible and pay your fine you may pay the amount listed on the brochure and mail in your payment.  Please do not send any cash through the mail.  Payment may be made in the form of a cashiers check or money order.  Sorry – No Personal Checks.

You may also make your payment by Visa or Master Card by phone 928-927-7477

You may appear on your court date and pay the fine.  The court will take your payment and issue you a receipt.

You may appear on your scheduled court date, admit responsible with an explanation to the judge.  The Court will take you explanation into account in determining the fine.

All fines are due in full on or before the appearance day.

If you qualify you make make arrangements for a payment agreement.