Centennial Committee Meeting Minutes Tuesday March 22 2010 10M


Meeting was called to order at10

05am by Vice Chairman Michelle Lukkasson Present were Vice Chairman Michelle Lukkasson Board

members Mary Huntley Monica Timberlake Aubrey Berger attendance by phoneShananaRainGoldenBear AlsopresentwereStaffDiniceRoss Council person Pat Anderson and Town Manager Alex Taft

Aubrey made the motion to accept February 1 meeting minutes Mary seconded the motion motion passed unanimously


Dinice reported that Hi Jolly Monument has been accepted to be on the National Historical Register Alex reported that there will be a tree tour on Arbor Day The tour will take in the 1000 yr old tree and a tour of before and after tree pruning Also most of the Iron wood trees around here are 100 years old The tour will be set for April with 2 vans to accommodate the groups Master gardeners will participate In the afternoon at2

OOpm the kids will be planting a tree at Town Hall Promotion will be with flyers and in the paper Alex also reported that the Centennial page on the website is not up and running The webpage is being revamped with new softwear and will be up and running soon


1 ATV Parade and Kickoff Monica reported all went well and we are getting better at this The Kick off also was great with the Hooskow bringing in 225alone


2 Happy Birthday Celebration Rain said the little kids are on a u tube video utubeuser This went very well Michelle said we have 100 happy birthday flags 5X3 but there is no way to hang them Dinice brought up maybe selling them for

56 This should be on the next agenda 3

Art Work Mary reported that the March Art has not been put up but it will be by the end of the month Also there should be a blurp in the paper regarding the art work like have you seen the art

work what is going on

Mary also said the thankyoudid not get in the paper regarding

sthe Quilt and RC club and to Lisa for bringing the kids over to Town Hall and hopes they will get in this next issue Chili Cookoff Michelle said it was phenomenal The cookoff brought in1


00that includes 160 that Tony Carnevale brought in with hats and bags at the Business Chamber The Cookoff was a great success the park is the best place to have it Rain said we need to check when it could be put on next year and to tie it in with something else Michelle said that the leftover beer can be used for the Centennial Finale February 11 2012 the beer is in her cooler There was no salsa contest there was

only one entry they also entered the chili contest and won so it all worked out Judge came by and we all thanked him for the a good job he did with the grounds F 4 Townwide yard sale Aubrey reported that every one had a good time and sales were up

5 March 10 Historic Review Mary said this did not happen She is getting no help from the Scholars Academy She gave a letter to Mr McClennen at Scholars wrote letters contacted by phone and never got any feedback except for Lisa Michelle suggested we need 3 Centennial members Pat said she would also go to meet

with the McClennanto see what their commitment will be


for a project for the Centennial


Regarding the Guns and Hoses event Monica said this will not be on March 23 She is hoping for April 2 She is contacting the Fire Dept to see ifthis date is OK


1 Discussion only regarding Music in the Park April 8 is still on for Music in the Park The first will be Jamming in the Park She will check to see about someone to set a schedule up Pat suggested someone in her park to contact

2 Discussion only regarding dates ofAprilNature Week and other

sevents Monica reported that Nature week will be April 26

h27th 28 and 29 On the 26 she is hoping for Bill Moore to put on a survival program in CeliaGarden for the Elementary school with

sparticipation The 27 the pre schoolers participating in a nature


walk at Celiagarden and possibly planting something The 28 a

presentation by Mr Brent Strickland The 29 Arbor Day Alex


planned tree tour ANNOUNCEMENTS

Monica announced that October 14 and 15 the Country Bash and Rodeo is


Monica made the motion to adjourn Mary seconded the motion All


approved motion passed Meeting adjourned at 11